Hana Nikki Blog has been updated!『Hana Marche is available to order in English, Chinese, Korean now!』

Hi everyone!
It’s Iwasawa from Hana Marche.

I often hear the words “new normal”, “new lifestyle” under the affecting of the COVID-19, how are you doing all?

It’s been unable to travel abroad for a long time but now your can order in English, Chinese and Korean at Hana Marche!

If you have an friend who lives in Japan or has come to Japan oversea English, Chinese, Korean speakers, and is looking for a flower shop, I would be very appreciate you to introduce them Hana Marche♡

We also have staff who can speak English, Chinese and Korean!
Please feel free to contact us.

English Order Form

Chinese Order Form

Korean Order Form

We accept nameplate and message cards♡


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