Tokyo small gift accepts orders for flowers.
Please order using the Order form.
Daily products are posted on Instagram, so please take a look.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

《Note when ordering》

・If the color and image of the flower are specified, please order 5 days before the delivery date.
・Please see here for delivery areas, costs, distant delivery, and express home delivery.
≫Delivery area and shipping fee≫

《Order flow》

1. Please fill in the necessary items on the order form and send.
≫Order form≫
2. Our staff will contact you to confirm your order.
(If you do not receive a reply within 2 days of placing your order, please contact us by phone)
3.Please pay the fee of the product you ordered.
4.After confirming payment, we will deliver on the specified delivery date.
5.We will send you a report with a picture from our shop.

※ We also accept orders by fax. Please download the order form PDF or Excel below to place your order.
Download order form PDF for fax Download order form xls for fax
TEL:03-6555-2087 FAX:03-6555-4087

《about payment》

Please pay by Bank transfer.
Transfer account   (Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense)
Mizuho Bank
Meguro Branch
Saving account 1202051
カ)パイナップル Pineapple Co., Ltd.